The basic set of accounting services is fully harmonized with the Law on Accounting and other relevant regulations and contains the following:

  • keeping the general ledger (financial accounting);
  • keeping analytical books;
  • commodity accounting;
  • calculation of production by norms and costs
  • calculation and recording of VAT and other tax liabilities;
  • preparation of the final account (financial statement) for sole traders, micro and small legal entities;
  • compilation of the tax balance and tax return for corporate income tax (companies, associations, etc.), as well as the tax balance and tax returns of sole traders;
  • representing our clients before the competent authorities;
  • business financial analysis – Ratio analysis of financial statements;
  • monthly reporting in Serbian and English with specific content and according to specifically required internal procedures of clients etc.



  •  calculation of salaries and all types of remuneration;
  • preparation of orders for payment of personal employees’ income;
  • providing documentation required for all types of refunds and obtaining decisions from the competent authority;
  • calculation of taxes and contributions for founders of companies (compilation of “OD-O” forms);
  • dividend calculation;
  • preparation and filing of the “PPDG-2R” form (annual personal income tax)
  • calculation of all non-employment contracts (service contracts, supplementary work contracts, copyright contracts, contracts for vocational training and development);
  • calculation of lease of real estate and movable property
  • calculation of taxes and contributions for founders of companies (compilation of “OD-O” forms)



In addition to the mentioned financial operations related to calculation of salaries and benefits, we also perform the following services in the field of financial operations:

  • personnel records (drafting of employment contracts, registrations, terminations, changes)
  • cash RSD and foreign currency operations with commercial banks;
  • interest calculations in debtor-creditor relationships;
  • completing all necessary forms in the field of foreign exchange statistics and theirs filing to foreign exchange statistics (DI-1, DI-2 and else);
  • calculation of travel orders at home and abroad.



  • Establishment, amendment and termination for taxpayers;
  • Tax and financial consulting;
  • Developing and filing a property tax return;
  • drafting accounting rulebooks and accounting policies rulebooks, normative acts and other guidelines;
  • Preparation of specific documents – Decisions, as necessary supporting documentation for legal and accounting formulation and articulation of current business in accordance with relevant regulations;
  • Communication with auditing companies and preparation of documentation of our clients for the purpose of their financial statements audits.



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Working hours:

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